5 Nov 2012 But the most conspicuous difference was the books. p. 74. diminish. decrease in size, extent, or range. The failure of the previous selection was 


Well-known columnists took up conspicuous seats in the courtroom. The defendant was relentlessly scrutinized for signs of guilt or innocence. Everyone—​rich 

How do you put the word conspicuous in a sentence? My mom try's to be conspicuous. My friends are always conspicuous more than i am by:an 11 year old so its ur fault u used these sentences. High quality example sentences with “a conspicuous position” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English conspicuous by his absence. — Book III, 76; Lord John Russell, alluding to an expression used by him ("Conspicuous by his absence") in his address to the electors of the city of London, said, "It is not an original expression of mine, but is taken from one of the greatest historians of antiquity".

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2009 — Here Carlson by all means is correct in that the ink blobs are particularly conspicuous. The scribe normally used a lambda which he wrote in  Clanger definition is - a conspicuous blunder -often used in the phrase drop a clanger. How to use clanger in a sentence. clanger - a conspicuous mistake  Examples of Conspicuous in a sentence. It would be inappropriate for you to wear such a short conspicuous dress to your father’s funeral.

Rhymes Lyrics and poems Near rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases [Mentions] Phrase  If we look at above examples we will find that conspicuous consumers often buy those goods & services which are too expensive for other classes of society ( social  How to use conspicuous in a sentence.

Mid 16th century from Latin conspicuus (from conspicere ‘look at attentively’, from con- (expressing intensive force) + spicere ‘look at’) + -ous.

It would be inappropriate for you to wear such a short conspicuous dress to your father’s funeral. 🔊. During the summer months, the mosquitos are very conspicuous near the water. 🔊.

av I Desmidt · 2009 · Citerat av 46 — The internal alterations could either concern shortenings (sentences, paragraphs were Conspicuous moral changes, for instance, as in the first German Nils 

Conspicuous in a sentence

🔊 When my back went out, I walked stooped over in a contortion for nearly a week.

Conspicuous in a sentence

Examples. 1. It is a bright red coloured beetle with seven conspicuous black spots of variable shape   (1) This is evident in the conspicuous consumption of the elites. Meaning and definitions of conspicuous, translation in Bangla language for conspicuous with similar and opposite words. Sentence Simple Complex Compound · ic Example Sentences of "conspicuous".
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Conspicuous in a sentence

Synonym: clear , distinct , noticeable , obvious , outstanding , prominent . Antonym: inconspicuous , plain , quiet .

The acrobat’s skills of contortion allowed her to fit into the magician’s tiny box. 🔊 Conspicuous consumption definition is - lavish or wasteful spending thought to enhance social prestige. How to use conspicuous consumption in a sentence. 2021-04-22 · Conspicuous definition: If someone or something is conspicuous , people can see or notice them very easily .
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Conspicuous: 1 adj obvious to the eye or mind “a tower Conspicuous at a great distance” “wore Conspicuous neckties” “made herself Conspicuous by her exhibitionistic preening” Synonyms: attention-getting , eye-catching seizing the attention big , large , prominent Conspicuous in position or importance bold clear and distinct crying

Be sure she will finish a loose life by a conspicuous piety. a n v d [adjective] 2. Conspicuous definition, easily seen or noticed; readily visible or observable: a conspicuous error.

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iögonfallande, framstående · conspicuous · fullborda, fulländad, utsökt · consummate menings-längder · sentence-lengths · meningslängd · sentencelength.

They would be less conspicuous if they walked. 3. But they are much more conspicuous. 4. White on tail very conspicuous in flight.

Examples of conspicuous in a sentence: 1. No conspicuous dorsal tubercles. 2. It begins with the observation of the conspicuous facts. 3. One fact alone is a 

av P MINOWITZ · 2004 · Citerat av 57 — sentences that launched the invisible hand.

Among his other lackings Lute was conspicuously short of tact. The operation of this peculiar cause is conspicuously plain. How To Use Conspicuous In A Sentence? Most conspicuous is the fact that the element hydrogen has no place in the table. He had not brought her there to hear speeches or to be conspicuous in the glare of lights. It had not been a conspicuous withdrawal, for she was very busy and had little time for Conspicuous in a sentence January 29, 2020 Sentence Dictionary Sentence with the word Conspicuous “Buffons,” after the title conspicuous on a volume of the Suites a Buffon, which stood on my shelf in the chart room.